Why are Pandas so important to china ?

They are important to the Chinese because they earn a profit. Other nations think pandas are cute and should be saved, so they come to China to see these animals, and zoos buy them. As soon as we turn our back on the panda, they will kill them like every other animal they have slaughtered.Giant pandas are important and considered special because currently they are on the endangered species list. There are conservative estimate putting the number of pandas living in the wild at around 1600 and approximately 250 living in captivity

Pandas themselves date back to around 600,000 years ago. At one time they ranged throughout southeast Asia and as far north as Beijing. Pandas are sometimes called living fossils because they date back to the time of the saber-toothed tiger. For many centuries pandas were thought to be a mythical beast like a dragon or unicorn.China’s oldest poetry, more than 3,000 years old, describes men giving a pelt that seems likely to have been a panda’s. Texts from around that time also describe a lumbering black and white animal. By the Han Dynasty pandas were considered symbols of strength and bravery. In A.D. 210, there is a record of an emperor in Xian keeping several as pets.The mother of another Han emperor was buried with the skull of a panda. Panda pelts were highly-valued gifts, often associated with royalty, Panda skulls have been found in the tombs of noblemen.If kill a Panda in China they would kill you too. China loves Pandas . 🙂


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